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Shanghai Guitong
New Material Science & T echnology Co., Ltd

Shanghai guitong new material science and technology co., LTD. Is an early research and development of petroleum chemical fertilizer production enterprises. Founded in 1996, the company has been certified as a high-tech enterprise by Shanghai science and technology commission in 2001, and has been certified by high-tech enterprise and ISO9001 quality system. The company has a high-quality staff team, existing master 3, the total number of technical personnel above the bachelor degree above 72 %, the production operator all have secondary technical secondary school. Company attaches great importance to technology development, has now set up their own independent technology development center, equipped with advanced instruments and equipment, not only can be developed in the field of various new products and new technology,


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Shanghai guitong
Acquire high-tech enterprise certification
And ISO9001 quality system certification

  • 1996

    GuiTong Science and technology was established in 1996

  • 20

    20 years of development

  • 60

    The product has sixty kinds of brand name


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Shanghai Guitong New Material Science &

Technology Co.,Ltd.



Add:Rm.C 310,Tangchen Centre,No.188,Zhangyang Road,


Post Code:200120

E-mail : guitong@guitong.com

Position: sales representative

Job description: pre-sales work for the company's production of

refinery auxiliary products, including after-sales service and technical

support communication

Job description: major in chemical industry and familiar with petroleum

and petrochemical refinery plant

Location: Shanghai (domestic business trip)

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