Diesel oil invariability improver

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Performance Introduction

This product has oxidative stability, dispersity, metal passivation and other many effects and components, the discoloration and sediment formation of diesel are not only related to the oxidation, polymerization / condensation and other chemical processes of hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon components, but also influenced by the dissolution, polymerization and precipitation and other physical processes of deposits.

This product fundamentally controls the occurrence of these processes affecting diesel stability, its oxidative stability components can inhibit the discoloration and deposit formation, dispersity components can disperse, suspend and solubilize large deposit particles, and metal passivation components can eliminate the catalytic activity of metal ions in diesel oil, etc.

It not only can be used for catalyzing diesel, but also can be used as an important auxiliary means for hydrogenation and other diesel refining technologies, which can partially substitute refining technologies or reduce the severity and unit load of hydrogenation technology, improve the flexibility of unit technology, reduce the production cost of diesel, and improve the production capacity of diesel after being combined with refining technology.