Diesel anti-wear agent

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Performance Introduction .

This product is liquid oil soluble diesel lubricity improver non-toxicity additives, and can be applied to various types of low-sulfur diesel and can obviously improve the lubricating property of diesel by (HFRR - high-frequency reciprocation rig used for evaluating the lubricating property of diesel and test standard ISO12156-1), reduce engine wear, and improve operating condition, and its chemical elements include C, H, O and N. It is applied to various types of low-sulfur diesel (including low-sulfur diesel (LSD) with sulfur content between 3-5 and 350 ppm sourced from different crude oil and ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD)) produced by oil refinery. It can obviously improve the lubricating property of diesel, reduce the wear of fuel injection pump, particularly protect fuel injection pump fed by ultra-low sulfur diesel from wear, improve its service life of engine and reduce maintenance costs.

It is the complex lubricity improver consisting of long-chain fatty acid, derivatives, aliphatic ester and other polar compounds, which can be dynamically absorbed on metal surface (forming a layer of physical absorption film and chemical adsorption film on metal surface) so as to lubricate metal materials, reduce fraction factor, decrease the fraction force between metal parts, thus the lubrication degree can be significantly improved.

Its product property can substitute and precede the similar products made in foreign country, it can process low sulfur diesel and ultra-low sulfur diesel without limitation from crude oil sources, composition, refining technological condition.