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Performance introduction:

GS-113 belongs to the organic-inorganic compound flocculant, and can be mainly used as sewage disposal agent or oil field demulsifying agent. It is preferred agent for coagulation treatment according to the latest national water quality standard. It is widely applied to the purification treatment of oil refinery sewage, industrial water, various industrial sewage, urban sewage and sludge. Its various technical indexes completely meet the national standards.

By comparing to other flocculants, this product has the following features:

1.    Quick sedimentation rate.

GS-113 high efficient purifier with merits of many products promotes particles to aggregate into flocculation and to quickly precipitate by means of electrical neutralization, bonding and bridging, and cross-linking based on the principle of synergistic interaction, thus obtaining better coagulating property, big and dense alum blossom, less sludge and quick precipitation.

2.    Less dosage and low operating costs.

Its high quality and efficiency make it meet treatment requirement with minimum dosage, thus customers can save a lot of water treatment expenses.

3.    Wide application.

Its production can be properly regulated against different water quality conditions, treatment requirements, treatment technologies and equipment conditions to make it reach up the best treatment effect, this product is applicable to different treatment conditions and can solve the problems of many restricted application conditions, poor adaptability, etc. existed in the previous common flocculants.

4.    Higher treatment efficiency.

GS-113 high efficient purifier has obvious effects in decoloration, deodorization, dehydration, sterilization, and removing harmful heavy metal ions, and can effectively remove SS, COD and BOD.

5.    Good effluent quality.

Sewage treated by this product is high quality, safe and reliable without metal iron’s aqueous phase transfer, toxicity or harm.

6.    Greater scope of adaptive pH value.

pH value of adaptive water body is between 2 and 12, optimal scope of pH value is between 6 and 9, and changes in pH value and total alkalinity of purified water are little.

7.    Excellent treatment effect.

It has better treatment effect on the purification regardless of micro-pollution, organic and low temperature and low turbidity raw water or high turbidity and high COD raw water.