杀菌灭藻剂Sterilization algicide

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Performance introduction:

With stable chemical property and very strong sterilization, this product is free of toxicity or harm, applicable to the cleaning and sterilization and algae killing treatment of various open and closed industrial circulating water systems and sewage system, can effectively sterilize more than 95% of anaerobic bacteria, iron bacteria and alga, prevent equipment from corrosion and blocking caused from bacteria and alga, improve the working efficiency of circulating water system, and extend the service life of equipment.

As the di-functional agent with adhering and stripping, the sterilization and algae killing agent is the broad-spectrum, high efficient, low-toxicity and non-oxidative sterilizing agent. This product is easily able to penetrate the cell membrane of microorganism, can decompose and damage cell tissue and has very strong sterilization ability to common bacteria, fungus and alga.

Product advantages:

(1).  Less dosage, low cost, and obvious economic benefits.

(2).  Strong bactericidal ability, long duration of effect. Bactericidal ability is undisturbed by pH value of water.

(3).  High sterilizing ability, it can sterilize 4 order of magnitudes bacteria within short time (4min), and is especially applicable to the circulating water system of once-through cooling water or large displacement that quick sterilization is required.

(4).  The dosage of bromine-kind bactericide is lower than chlorine (residual bromine 0.1-0.5mg/L) under the circumstance that the concentration of active matters is maintained, thus oxidant concentration in water system is low, resulting in reducing metal corrosion.

(5).  Low bromine volatility, and low evaporation loss in system.

(6).  It is free of harm to human body, environmental pollution, toxicity, combustibility or skin irritation. Treated water body will not create organic halogenated carcinogens and pollute water quality.

(7).  Water contains ammonia without prejudice to sterilizing effect.

(8).  It can be well compatible with organic phosphorus, inorganic phosphorus and other water quality stabilizers without prejudice to the scale and corrosion inhibition effect of water quality stabilizers.

(9).  Free of drug resistance.

(10).       Chlorophenols or stink will not generate after reacting with phenols in water.

(11). It has better biogenic sludge stripping effect.