粘泥剥离剂Sludge stripping agent

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Performance introduction:

Biogenic sludge is a kind of viscous matter formed after biosome bonding with suspended colloidal matter in water under the action of heterotrophic bacteria. Biogenic sludge impedes the normal flow of cooling water, thus reducing the cooling effect of cooling water. Biogenic sludge covers on the metal surface at the water side of heat exchanger, which holds back the corrosion inhibitor to reach metal surface to play the normal role of scale and corrosion inhibition and reduces the effect of these agents. Biogenic sludge covers on metal surface, creating potential difference which accelerates metal corrosion. A lot of sludge particularly alga on the equipment of cooling water surface not only affect system appearance, but also blocks heat exchanger.

This product “sludge stripping agent GS – 104” is featured by less dosage, quick and better effect, which can release the groups able to kill micro-organisms, fungus and various virus in water, sterilize legionella, and dissolute residual cellular structure. It can effectively prevent equipment and pipelines from corrosion caused from micro-organisms, and effectively strip sludge. It is low-toxicity, free of environmental pollution and easy to use, and has been widely applied into the sterilization and algae killing, and sludge stripping of circulating cooling water system, central air-conditioned water treatment and oilfield water injection system.