高效预膜剂High efficient pretreatment filming agent

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Performance introduction:

GS-115 high efficient pretreatment filming agent mainly consists of several complex agent, dispersing agent, film-forming agent, surface active agent, etc., the unshared electrons in oxygen atoms organic complex chemically absorb iron, calcium and other metal ions or iron atoms with part positive charge, which forms coordination bonds and a layer of insoluble chelating film on carbon steel and other metal surfaces, and such film is large and can isolate metal from corrosive mediums in water so as to inhibit corrosion.

This product has advantages of fast film forming, fine and uniform film mass, strong chemical stability, low corrosion rate, etc.. With strong adaptability to water quality, it is undisturbed by copper, iron and other harmful ions in water, and mainly applied into the pre-filming of heat exchanger and pipelines after the equipment commissioning or system overhauling of circulating cooling water system, which forms a layer of protective film to prevent carbon steel, copper alloy, stainless steel and other materials from corrosion in the operating process.