清洁环保型破胶剂Clean and environmental gel breaker

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Performance introduction:

The new generation of clean and environmental gel breaker can be divided into common and capsular gel breaker by product shape, of which the capsular product is new fracturing gel breaker used in oil-gas field that the surface of gel breaker is coated with one layer of macromolecular chemical material to prevent water intrusion after wrapping by the special pelletizing process and air suspension.

Such gel breaker’s protection effect is better than similar products, and it can be centrally released under closure stress, or dissolve out without external mechanical force to make fracturing fluid completely break gel under temperature action in the event that the release mode under closure stress is impossible after the construction; Its applicable temperature, anti-water permeability, release delay and other major properties are superior, and it also has the advantages of completely breaking gel, high efficient viscosity reducing, easy flow-back, improving permeability into hydrocarbon zone, facilitating fracturing operation, etc.. It can keep fracturing fluid viscosity higher in the process of fracturing operation to facilitate fracture forming and proppant carrying, and enable the complete gel breaking of fracturing fluid and hydrate gel after the fracturing operation to facilitate flow-back. It is especially suitable for concentrating the fracturing fluid and breaking the gel of filter cake inside the propped fracture, thus reducing the damage to the flow conductivity of propped fracture caused from fracturing fluid and facilitating to improve oil-gas productivity.