高效油气管道缓蚀剂High efficient oil-gas pipeline corrosion inhibitor

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All fields in the central and eastern China are in the later stage of mining at present, major oil-gas fields are in the stage of high recovery and high water content, the difficult water separation, crude oil thickening and weight increment, increased water content, salt content, sulfur content and acid value, etc. in oil and gas increase the oil-gas pipeline corrosion, and oil-gas pipeline corrosion and prevention also get more and more attention. The inner wall corrosion of oil-gas pipeline is mainly caused from sedimentation water in the process of oil-gas transmission, and its corrosion degree is also closely related to the content of salt, acid, sulfur and other corrosive mediums in sedimentation water.

Performance introduction:

High efficient oil-gas pipeline corrosion inhibitor is a new and high efficient corrosion inhibitor designed for the internal wall corrosion of oil-gas transmission pipeline, and it also has corrosion mitigation and scale resistance effect.

High efficient oil-gas pipeline corrosion inhibitor is high molecular weight component, and can effectively create a layer of protective film on metal surface, inhibit corrosion and disperse pipeline scale, and effectively protect transmission pipeline and improve transmission efficiency.