高效油气井缓蚀剂High efficient oil-gas well corrosion inhibitor

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Carbon dioxide corrosion is most common erosional form in the process of exploiting oil and gas, especially it will cause very high corrosion rate and serious local corrosion under the carbon steel or low-carbon steel environment. Some oil-gas wells are featured by different (high, middle and low) carbon dioxide concentration, high mineralization and obvious changes in PH value of mediums. In the last few years, the Company has found that the uniform corrosion caused from carbon dioxide is predominant at the top of production well, but in some individual well areas with high water yield and mineralization, there is relatively serious corrosion occurred at the middle or bottom section of oil-gas wells by means of shaft quality loss coupon test, shaft corrosion detection, etc.. The Company develops high efficient corrosion inhibitor suitable in the inside of oil-gas field wells for such corrosion features, and provides the powerful theoretical basis for the actual application of corrosion inhibitor through the relatively systematic studies on the physical and chemical properties, compatibility and electrochemical property of corrosion inhibitor, high temperature and pressure quality loss evaluation, field test and analysis, etc..

Performance introduction:

It is necessary to develop and introduce the strong polar-adsorption groups containing S and P for the oil-gas wells featured by high water yield and higher mineralization, therefore the Company designs the imidazoline derivative corrosion inhibitor with multiple absorption centers (host compound) and meets the requirements for broad adaptability and high effect of corrosion inhibitor under the synergistic effect of condensate oil-gas – crude oil, etc..