柴油脱水剂Diesel oil dehydrating agent

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Performance Introduction

It is the multi-component combination of high molecular block polyether and other different surface active agents, and its appearance shows faint yellow oily liquid. This product is mainly used as dehydrating agent and demulsifying agent in the process of dehydrating diesel dehydration, has good wetting and permeation ability, can quickly exchange naphthenic soap and other emulsifying agents on emulsion surface, reduce the strength of interfacial film, bridge and promote emulsion droplets to aggregate, quickly separate water from oil, inhibit the generation of emulsified liquid in the process of dehydrating straight-run diesel oil, reduce the loss of refined diesel, and sharply shorten the production cycle of diesel.

Quick separation of emulsified oil and water in the process of dehydrating straight-run diesel is commonly found in many domestic refinery plants, only the degree of dehydration is different. Although some results have been achieved by delaying stay time, controlling dehydrating temperature, using condenser, improving operating methods and other measures, the problem has be thoroughly solved and diesel is often partially emulsified. It is particularly important to increase the production of diesel and shorten the production cycle of diesel with the constant growth of diesel demand in market. The implementation of diesel dehydration methods saves the production costs incurred by refinery plants. Therefore, screening the appropriate diesel dehydrating agent can directly solve the dehydration problem of straight-run diesel and realize the purpose of the yield and quality of diesel.