高效脱臭剂High efficient deodorant

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Performance Introduction

High efficient deodorant developed by the Company can quickly remove hydrogen sulfide, alkaline ammonia nitrogen, sulfur alcohol, disulfide, phenols and other repugnant substances to realize the purpose of protecting environment and personal safety. The Company intends to provide safe and clean production environment and overhauling environment for oil refineries, improve overhauling quality, and shorten overhauling time.

Mechanism of action:

This product consists of many active components, which can remove repugnant substances after joint actions such as complexation, chelation, dissolution, adsorption and precipitation, remove hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, sulfur alcohol, phenols and other major repugnant substances of oil refineries after the fast and complete reaction, the deodorized solution is neutral, and the formula used is free of products difficult to be degraded and will not cause secondary pollution to environment.