沉降剂GT-1106 Series of Multifunctional Deashing Sedimentation Agent

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There are various fine powders, catalyst particles, solid insolubles such as coke, and high-molecular coking substances such as resin in the raw materials of catalytic slurry, coking wax oil, and coal tar in field of the petrochemical and coal chemical plants, which effects the economic value of raw materials and deep-processed products, and the operating cycle of processing technology, equipment and devices, so the safe and efficient separation and removal of such impurities is extremely important for the subsequent production of various slurry oil.


FCC column bottom slurry oil is a very special kind of by-product produced during the refining catalytic cracking process, which has a good economic utilization value, but because it contains more catalyst powder, its economic scale and value-added utilization are greatly restricted;

After the sedimentation treatment, the slurry oil can be used as a raw material for subsequent coking plants to produce high-quality needle coke, blending low-sulfur admiralty fuel oil, or it can be returned to catalytic refining to improve the yield of light oil. It can also be used as fuel oil feed for furnace, which can effectively avoid coking in the heating furnace and ash deposition to improve the operating cycle and system thermal efficiency;


The latest low-sulfur admiralty fuel oil standard in 2020 has been implemented in most countries and regions. The sedimentation-treated catalytic slurry oil can greatly reduce the ash content (less than 0.05%) of the slurry oil, and it also reduces the (Si + Al) content, after the sedimentation treatment, the slurry oil can be directly blended with low-sulfur admiralty fuel oil, in which the proportion of slurry oil can be controlled at 10-30%. If the slurry oil has a suitable viscosity, the proportion of the slurry oil in the admiralty fuel oil can exceed 30%.